FAQ: How Much Is The Zell Miller Scholarship?

Does Zell Miller cover all tuition?

The Zell Miller Scholarship pays the standard undergraduate tuition rate. The initial HOPE Scholarship award amount assumes the maximum amount for which you are eligible each semester. The HOPE and Zell Miller Scholarship award amounts cannot exceed your total tuition charges for the semester.

Is Zell Miller a full ride?

The Zell Miller scholarship provides full tuition funding to undergraduate Georgia residents who graduate from high school with a 3.7 or greater GPA and a score of at least a 1,200 reading and math score on the SAT or an ACT composite score of 26.

How much does hope and Zell Miller cover?

Currently, HOPE recipients receive $5,000 for their first year of school and $2,500 for their second year. Zell Miller awards generally cover the standard undergraduate tuition cost, but may vary based on the school type and specific enrollment hours.

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How much does Zell Miller pay at UGA?

A: The Zell Miller Scholarship pays 100% of this year’s standard undergraduate tuition rate.

Does Zell Miller pay for room and board?

The Zell Miller Scholarship will cover full tuition for all eligible credit hours. It does not cover fees, books or housing.

Does Zell Miller require SAT 2021?

Eligible high school graduates and accredited home study completers with a graduation or completion date from January 1, 2021 through June 30, 2021 unable to sit for the ACT or SAT due to the cancellation of test dates may submit a qualifying SAT score or ACT score until June 30, 2022 to GSFC.

What is the GPA requirement for Zell Miller?

Zell Miller Scholars must maintain a 3.3 college GPA to remain eligible for the Zell Miller Scholarship award and HOPE Scholars must maintain a 3.0 college GPA to remain eligible for the HOPE Scholarship award.

Does HOPE Scholarship pay for full tuition?

A student must also graduate with a 3.7 High School HOPE GPA and must have a score of 1200 (CR+M) on a single administration of the SAT or a 26 ACT Composite and must maintain a college cumulative GPA of a 3.3. This Scholarship will pay for 100% of tuition, including $4,000 at private colleges.

Does SCAD accept Zell Miller?

The Savannah College of Art and Design Scholarships are available as SCAD academic scholarships, May and Paul Poetter Scholarship, Frances Larkin McCommon Scholarship, Georgia HOPE scholarship, Zell Miller Scholarship, Governor’s Honors Program, Legacy Scholarship, Gene Arthur Allcott Endowed Freshman Scholarship and

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How hard is it to get Zell Miller Scholarship?

A total test score of 1340 or higher is required for the SAT. If you graduate from an eligible high school located outside of Georgia and believe you meet the Zell Miller Scholarship GPA requirement and the ACT or SAT score requirement as listed above, your eligibility must be calculated manually.

What is the difference between Zell Miller Scholarship and Zell Miller Grant?

Zell Miller Scholarship is a merit-based award available to Georgia residents, similar to the HOPE Scholarship, but with more stringent academic requirements. Eligible students are provided full standard tuition assistance while enrolled at a Zell Miller Grant eligible college or university in Georgia.

Can U Get Both Zell Miller and hope?

HOPE and Zell Miller are merit based scholarship programs available to students who have met the University System of Georgia and the GSFC residency requirements and are enrolled in an undergraduate degree seeking program. Students may receive HOPE or Zell Miller, but NOT both at the same time.

Is Zell Miller test optional?

In many cases, test scores are required for merit scholarships, even at test-optional schools, and Georgia’s generous Zell Miller Scholarship is no exception. To be eligible for Zell Miller, students need a 3.7 high school GPA and at least a 26 on the ACT or a 1200 on the SAT.

Does Emory accept Zell Miller?

Students who currently are eligible for and receive the Zell Miller Scholarship at another Georgia institution may continue to receive the Zell Miller Scholarship at Emory for up to 127 attempted hours maximum. To retain eligibility at Emory, students must enroll at least half-time and maintain a 3.3 cumulative GPA.

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Does Berry College Take Zell Miller?

HOPE and Zell Miller scholarships can be used to fund a Berry education. Of all the Georgia residents in Berry’s 2020-21 first-year class, 91 percent qualified for either a HOPE Scholarship ($4,304 toward their Berry tuition) or a Zell Miller Scholarship ($5,616 toward their Berry tuition).

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